Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Setting my intention

Sweatin' it out

Sunset at Alki
On Monday, I tried hot yoga for the first time thanks to an awesome Groupon. The teacher kept talking about "setting your intention" so as I had my head on the floor, curled up in child's pose, I thought to myself, "my intention is to stay in this room unless I feel like I will definitely throw up or pass out." 

Fortunately, I didn't do either of those things. I also completely misunderstood what the teacher meant by "setting your intention."

The phrase popped into my head tonight as I walked home from work, right as a woman stepped into oncoming traffic. I thought I was going to see someone die right in front of me; but by some miracle of anti-lock brakes the car stopped and the woman continued across the street. I was in a panic. She was fine.

"Set your intention."

No idea why it came into my head at that moment. I started to think about it, though, and googled it when I came home just like any curious twenty-something would do. This blog post explained it well. To set your intention is basically to focus on something of value to you in the moment and direct it to a future outcome. It's a way to guide yourself and filter out things that get in the way of having balance in life.

My life has had very little balance since March. My life has had very little focus since March. It has  been full speed ahead toward a blurry future. I'm ready for some focus -- especially on the things of value to me right now that I need to bring to my life more:

My intentions