Saturday, June 29, 2013

Getting Too Faced

My latest obsession

Remember back in May when I attended the Trends for Treehouse event and I got a makeover at Macy's with the Too Faced No Makeup Makeup palette? That little tin now goes everywhere with me (it's the perfect size to keep in my purse for touch ups!) and has become the central focus of my daily makeup routine.

Earlier this week I explored the University Village shopping center for the first time and stopped in Sephora, also for the first time. I walked in to find a good face primer and mascara and walked out with these:

Except for the No Makeup Makeup palette -- I've had that for over a month now!
I got Too Faced. Too much Too Faced, perhaps. Here's a breakdown of what I purchased and a few of my thoughts on the products:

Boudoir Eyes - LOVE IT. These tiny tins hold the potential for so many different looks and I love that they come with tutorials. It is very compact, convenient and the eyeshadows have excellent blending quality.

Primed and Poreless Skin-Smoothing Face Primer - I like how smooth it makes my skin look and feel. But honestly, I've never noticed much of an improvement in the look or wear of my foundation with the use of primers. They still tend to crease, melt or otherwise become messed up over the course of my day. Anyone have any tips?

Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer - Totally worth purchasing! You only need a tiny bit to cover your whole eyelid and it does help eyeshadow stay put and last throughout the day. Plus, it has a slight shimmer that looks really pretty and catches the light well.

Better Than False Lashes Nylon Extension System - Not impressed. If you put the mascara on the top and bottom lashes, your eyes will get tangled shut every time you blink. The fibers in the extension formula are fuzzy and if one falls in your eye -- OW! Also, by the end of the day it seems like the fibers get uncovered as the mascara wears off and then you have little white fuzzies on your lashes. I won't buy this mascara again and wish I could return it. If anyone has a great lengthening mascara to recommend let me know! **UPDATE** A friend suggested I try using a different kind of mascara on the bottom lashes to prevent the upper and lower lashes from becoming tangled. It works! Give it a try and see how you like it!

Enjoy the sun this weekend but don't forget to cover up with some SPF 30! I know I don't want to start reviewing anti-wrinkle creams for a long time to come. ;-)

Note: All product reviews, whether products are provided free of charge or paid for with my own money, represent my personal opinion and are based on my own personal use and the results I observed. I do not receive monetary compensation to write reviews.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Seeing Seattle

A wheel and a ball

This may come as a shock to you; but last night I went to my first Mariners game. 

This is shocking for two reasons:

1. I have spent almost my entire life living in Northwest Washington. Sports games are frequent, popular and convenient. I just never made them a priority until I realized it was an experience I needed to have.


2. Baseball has never been among my favorite sports. That may be changing.

Grabbing a beer before the game
The seats were incredible -- four rows behind the M's dugout. I wanted to catch a ball but it appears as though you have to be a very cute six year old with a mitt in order to get a player to toss one your way. I'll work on that. ;-)

Glowing stadium lights

The Mariners beat the Houston Astros 3-2. Go team!

Another first Seattle experience occurred last weekend when I finally got up the nerve to ride on The Seattle Great Wheel. As a woman who had a panic attack on the Finding Nemo ride in Disneyland (as well as Grizzly Peak in Disney's California Adventure), I wasn't sure how I'd handle a giant ferris wheel that turns over water.

The first few moments were a little scary but once I saw the view it all went away. It was absolutely gorgeous, you guys.

Now that I have these two experiences checked off my list I'm looking for what to do next. Alki Beach? Mt. Rainier? Actually buying a fish from Pike Place Market?

Suggestions welcome! :-)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Sales rack selections

After a late, lazy morning last week I stopped by Macy's to see what items were on the sales racks as the spring season turns into summer. The variety of bring colors blew my mind. Shades of mint greens, corals, oranges, bright blues and yellows filled the store and I couldn't wait to get my hands on some. My closet desperately needed some brightening up!

One of my favorite new outfits is a star-patterned blouse by Love Fire paired with mint-colored shorts by Celebrity Pink and these awesome owl earrings from Fuego.

The Celebrity Pink shorts are very comfortable. The fabric has the right amount of stretch and is very soft. No riding up, bunching or pinching. Plus, the length is just right!

I know being too matchy-matchy isn't in right now, but I like mint green too much and may have gone a bit overboard. I bought this mint green nail polish by China Glaze at Ulta. Love it!

Is there a color you're obsessed with this season?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Not loving it

What's the deal?

With summer approaching and the weather slowly improving in Seattle, I have spent plenty of time lately hitting up stores looking to spruce up my wardrobe. Unfortunately, I've noticed a couple trends that I am really not loving taking over the clothing racks.

First off: Bra tops aka. bralettes

I blame Rihanna for this one. Yes, these shirts look good on the models and celebrities who wear them. That's how advertising works. I also know some women in real life (maybe even myself) who might be able to pull it off. But unless I'm at the beach, I'm going to wear a whole shirt. Why? Because -- personally -- I think this look says, "Hey stranger, get me drunk on tequila in a shady part of town." You ladies know what I mean. And guys: You might be thinking these shirts look really sexy. I'd like to remind you that most women look like Lena Dunham and not like Rihanna.

If you ever catch me wearing one of these shirts I probably lost a bet or it's part of some very clever and extremely quick joke.

Second: GIANT tops

It's a lovely tent by Lauren Ralph Lauren
What's with the extremes, people? Seriously. Can't I find a happy place between bralettes and the huge, giant, over sized shirts that fall right off me? In the photo above, I'm holding a size XS shirt at Macy's. There were so many shirts with great patterns or details but terrible cuts and sizing. Normally, I wear a size S or XS. With how large these shirts are I'd probably need a size XXXXS. And I would still belt it.

While I understand the loose, drapey look is in right now, I must object to the degree to which it has been taken. There is a balance to be found between showing all your curves and showing none of them.

Wish me luck in my quest.

What do you think of over sized shirts and bralettes?