Saturday, June 1, 2013

Not loving it

What's the deal?

With summer approaching and the weather slowly improving in Seattle, I have spent plenty of time lately hitting up stores looking to spruce up my wardrobe. Unfortunately, I've noticed a couple trends that I am really not loving taking over the clothing racks.

First off: Bra tops aka. bralettes

I blame Rihanna for this one. Yes, these shirts look good on the models and celebrities who wear them. That's how advertising works. I also know some women in real life (maybe even myself) who might be able to pull it off. But unless I'm at the beach, I'm going to wear a whole shirt. Why? Because -- personally -- I think this look says, "Hey stranger, get me drunk on tequila in a shady part of town." You ladies know what I mean. And guys: You might be thinking these shirts look really sexy. I'd like to remind you that most women look like Lena Dunham and not like Rihanna.

If you ever catch me wearing one of these shirts I probably lost a bet or it's part of some very clever and extremely quick joke.

Second: GIANT tops

It's a lovely tent by Lauren Ralph Lauren
What's with the extremes, people? Seriously. Can't I find a happy place between bralettes and the huge, giant, over sized shirts that fall right off me? In the photo above, I'm holding a size XS shirt at Macy's. There were so many shirts with great patterns or details but terrible cuts and sizing. Normally, I wear a size S or XS. With how large these shirts are I'd probably need a size XXXXS. And I would still belt it.

While I understand the loose, drapey look is in right now, I must object to the degree to which it has been taken. There is a balance to be found between showing all your curves and showing none of them.

Wish me luck in my quest.

What do you think of over sized shirts and bralettes?


  1. I don't like either, but I think that's mostly because neither trend suits me, haha!

  2. As a guy, I think the bralettes would work out nice in Arizona, SoCal, Miama, etc. But not in WA! I can only image that these will be worn by over confident women who absolutely shouldn't be wearing these.

    I don't agree with the "most girls don't have the rhianna body" excuse. Maybe most women in WA or America in general don't have that body. Everywhere else in the world like Europe, asia, and even Canada have a high population of fit guys and girls.

  3. Ugh, I have to agree with you on both trends. Extremes of embarrassing and dowdy...

  4. Thank you. I couldn't agree more. Both tops can look good on some people, but as a teacher, I definitely can't do a top that shows off my not so 6 pack abs & I don't want a shirt that makes me look like a whale either.

  5. Um, I just came across your blog, and you are hilarious.