Monday, April 29, 2013

Attempting no-heat curls

Using Pinterest in real life

Ever since I started using Pinterest, I have discovered all kinds of neat ways to organize my house, cook food, and do my makeup and hair. As a lady who loves to wear her hair curly but hates the damage curling irons do, I'm always interested in finding ways to get those wavy locks without the broken ends.

Last week I pinned this no heat curls tutorial from Pretty Gossip and last night decided to give it a try. There were adjustments to be made since my hair is incredibly thick and also I didn't have any no-slip clips. I used these clips, like the ones hairdressers use when they are giving you a blow dry.

There was no way I could twist my hair into two sections and have them dry overnight so I opted to twist my hair into approximately eight smaller sections and secure them with the silver clips.

I slept on them without too much discomfort (unlike pin curls, which normally poke and pull all night). In the morning, I found some of the twists were still a little damp in the middle. Next time, I will have to let my hair dry longer before I twist and pin.

Undoing the twists was a delicate process because of the slight dampness. I knew if I ran my fingers through them I'd likely pull the curl out. So, I shook my head forward and backward with my fingers loosely piecing apart the twists. Then I hairsprayed the heck out of it.

Want to know why I choose big sexy hair spray? Because it was on sale at Ulta for a steal. That is all.

Here are the final results! I'll definitely try this method again with a few adjustments. You'll notice in the pictures there are some weird twisty pieces going on that kind of make me look like I have little dog ears going on.

Nevertheless, this makes for a quick and pretty hairdo in the morning. Please excuse my sleepy eyes. I took these pictures at 5 a.m. long before I had any caffeine.

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