Wednesday, August 14, 2013


When your pants match the trees

Because I now live in the city and don't want to pay for gas and bridge tolls every time I go to work, I am putting my Orca pass to good use and taking the bus! I'll admit, being downtown by myself makes me a little nervous. I'm not used to all the people (some of whom are a little scary to me) and cars and super tall buildings. But sometimes when I'm walking from my first stop to the Westlake transfer center I look up and think, I can't believe this is my life. I'm out of my comfort zone and it's absolutely thrilling.

You know what else I find thrilling? These awesome blue trees at the Westlake transfer center. They pretty much matched my pants the other day.

Blue trees!
 On that particular day I was wearing this:

The watch is Akribos via Gilt, pants and shirts from Macy's
Blue pants!
This top, by LoveFire, is one of my favorites right now!
The colored pants trend is still going strong in Seattle. I'm loving it because denim jeans day after day is dull. Also, growing up where I did, fun trends like colored pants don't really fly with the locals. When I moved to the Seattle area last October, a lot of people back home were all about those reflective-striped construction shirts, even though they weren't in the construction business. Carhartts and Romeos are always in. The flannel trend? Yeah, that's been a thing in Clallam County for the last 150 years.

I'm not hating on their style. If it makes them feel good and comfortable that is awesome! But I like to wear things that are fun and interesting and sometimes sparkly or patterned. 

Living in a place that looks like this, how can I not want to shine like it does?

Sparkling Seattle


  1. I love your outfit! I definitely laughed that the trees were blue.. I must not have made my way to that part of Seattle. I live about an hour and a half SW of there (:
    I'll admit that my romeos are my go to shoes.. but only when I am going to be going out to the barn, and I LOVE flannel ha ha!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, my sister has a pair of romeos and I used to rock a Carhartt jacket back in the day! :-)

  2. i still LOVE my colored jeans. i walk by those blue tress everyday, too :) hope you have a great weekend!