Thursday, August 29, 2013

Settling in

Making a space of my own

As part of my new, post-divorce life I am focusing my creative efforts on making a space of my own where I feel comfortable, safe and happy -- someplace I like to be. Living in the apartment I shared with my ex after he left was miserable. After he took his things and his furniture it was pretty empty except for the mattress and box spring on the floor in the bedroom, a loveseat and coffee table in the living room, and my dresser and TV. It felt like the remnants of someone else's life. Someone who had died.

Depressing. Uncomfortable. Not safe or happy. I definitely didn't like to be there.

At the end of July, I moved into an apartment in Seattle with a roommate. The fresh start is exactly what I needed.

The first piece of furniture I purchased for myself was this awesome antique writing desk I use as a vanity. I found it on Craigslist along with the seat, which I re-covered. The lamp, which cost an obscene amount of money, is from Z Gallerie and was an impulse purchase. I just had to have it.

It's funny how unpacking little things like jewelry and scarves can make a space feel that much more like home. I'll admit, once I put my hands on these colorful scarves again I got really excited for fall. :-)

My bed is my favorite place. I found the frame (by IKEA) on Craigslist, the bedding at Marshall's and the mirror at Target. I love the soft mint color mixed into the regal design of the comforter and pillows.

The only unfinished item I have in my room right now is this very neat vintage rack hanging on the wall next to my vanity area.

I love it but don't know what to put on it! So far I have a crocheted dog made by my grandmother's friend in the 1950's, an old flour sifter, and a candle.

Any ideas what else could go on this?


  1. Oh I love all of your photos, that's lovely!

    I can't wait for fall either!

  2. That writing desk and chair! Sometimes Craigslist has some gems!

    1. Yes, it's my go-to site for unique home items. :-)

  3. PRETTY!! This makes me want to redo my whole room!