Sunday, December 1, 2013

The month that flew by

November According to Instagram

1. I started a new PR job in September and by November it consumed my life. Being part of the Xbox One launch team was an incredible and challenging experience. I'm so proud of the work we did and excited to see our product take off with the fanfare it and our customers deserve. Also, I'm excited to get one at some point this next year. :-)

2. If you haven't been to the Tin Hat (left) on a Tuesday, you should. Tacos are only 69 cents a piece and the lighting/bar decor reminds me of the first Terminator movie. It's a cool place. On the right is Tyler making me laugh at a Seahawks tailgate before the Seahawks v. Vikings game. I'm really enjoying seeing the Hawks tear it up and am keeping my fingers crossed for a win against the Saints today!

3. I brought back the purple eyeshadow. Also, Taylor came to visit and we watched the Seahawks game at Murphy's in Wallingford. Lastly, it got cold in November and most of the pretty leaves fell. Sad.


4. For Thanksgiving, Baby B tried yams made by Aunt Kidist and loved them! It was so much fun to see her crawling all over the place and even taking a few steps! She'll be one year old this month. On the bottom right is the tree I grew up climbing. Most of the branches have fallen off, but you can still see where I carved "This is ACW's tree" when I was 13.

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