Thursday, October 31, 2013

Going Orange

My favorite Halloween costume yet

If you haven't seen the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, you won't understand this. But if you have...

Me as Alex Vause
As always I was scrambling last-minute to get a costume. I wanted something pop-culture related but not too trendy and definitely not having nothing to do with Miley Cyrus. Orange is the New Black is an awesome show and I really liked Alex Vause as a character. But did I want to go as Alex Vause with no Piper Chapman? No! So I texted my oldest bff, Jo, and asked if she wanted to be my Piper. She said yes! :-)

Alex and Piper
Here is why I loved my costume: Jumpsuits are very comfortable, the glasses looked cool and the fake tattoo sleeve was totally badass. On top of that, people knew who we were and responded well to our costumes. It wasn't too obscure that we had to explain it to everyone but it wasn't so obvious that it felt like a washed-up idea. It might, however, seem washed-up by the end of this weekend when I've worn it a total of three times.


  1. I haven't watched the show yet, but everyone is telling me to, so I'm sure I will soon! Pinned this :)

  2. I've heard a lot about this show - I am definitely going to have to start watching this soon! Love your costume idea!

  3. I love this idea!! That show is awesome. I can't wait 'till Season 2!

  4. This idea is totes a creative one ;)