Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The story of the pink boots

....and how after 20 years they are finally mine

From left to right: Sarah, Melia and me
This is the only photo I could find where you can see them. Right there, at the bottom of the picture, you can see the top of one dark pink lace-up boot. They were faux-suede, rose to just above the ankle, and belonged to my older sister Sarah. I loved those boots. I was obsessed with those boots. I couldn't wait until she outgrew them and they would be mine.

Sarah and I had a normal sibling relationship. We were best friends. We were worst enemies. We were partners in crime. No, that's a lie. She was the good child and I was the mischievous one. 

Anyway, she wasn't liking the idea of me having those boots and to be honest, I can't blame her. Around the same time she had the boots there was a sterling silver ring with a green gemstone in the center of a flower that we found at a swimming pool in Spokane. For a while we "shared" the ring but one day when she had it on I convinced her I felt sick without it so she gave it back to me and I never took it off again.

When she outgrew the boots she hid them in the garage. By the time I found them, my feet were too big. I was upset at the time but over the years it has been an ongoing joke between us.

While shopping at Nordstrom in downtown Seattle, I found these:

Kalen boot from DV by Dolce Vita
I picked them up and looked at them. Cute, but not on sale. I have my rules about buying things at full price: I don't. They went back on the display. I walked away and wandered around the women's shoe department (which is HUGE btw). Soon enough I was back at the boots. The came to just above the ankle, were suede, a deep wine-red color (DV by Dolce Vita calls it "bordeaux"), had this super cute quilt pattern and zipper on the side, and a hidden wedge inside that makes me taller (remember sneaker wedges?).

A sales woman spotted me. Shoot. I was trapped. I had to try them on! They fit great. Even better when I tried them on with a pair of Superfeet. Sold.

The first thing I did when I got home was take a picture and text it to my sister. I finally got my pink suede boots. :-)


  1. Those boots are adorable! My sisters and I used to do Maybelline commercials in our living room. So yeah, I get it.

  2. That is hilarious! Those boots are cute :)

  3. These are sooo cute! I actually bought these in black from Nordstrom (Vegas) too! That bordeaux color is absolutely fabulous. They're actually on sale now, so maybe you can get another pair hehe