Friday, October 4, 2013

Back to brown

No more battling the brass!

Never in my life have I seen a hair salon so busy on a Thursday night. Last week, at Olive Beauty Lounge in Ballard, the place was poppin'! There were men getting trims, women in foils, and a little girl who has been getting her hair cut there her whole life (which I think has probably been a whole 7 years).

No bueno.

I was there to end my days of being an unintentional redhead and go back to brown. Hilary, my stylist, is a friend from my hometown. This was the first time she worked on my hair and we had a great time together! She listened as I described how my hair went from brown to brassy over the summer and asked questions about what color I really want. Without even bringing out the binders of swatches so many stylists overwhelm me with, Hilary picked out the perfect shade of brown.

I enjoyed a glass of wine while waiting for my color to process and we also watched "What Does the Fox Say" on YouTube. It helped pass the time! :-)

While this cell phone photo is fuzzy and washed out, you can definitely tell the red is gone! It's the perfect shade for fall and goes great with a Merlot shade of lipstick. Thanks Hilary!

Oh, I also wanted to post an updated picture collage of my super cool vintage wire shelf. Remember this post, where I didn't know what to put on it? My mom helped me out and gave me a few things including a tea cup and postcard of The Beatles.


  1. Loving the wire rack! Your hair looks great - very fun to have wine at the salon!

  2. So pretty! My hair stopped holding red a while ago when I try to dye it a bright vibrant red, but it seems to love to look natural red after dying it any shade of lighter brown/blonde LOL How awesome to have wine while you get treated to some hair change!!

  3. I really need to find a salon near me that serves wine ;D ha ha!
    I've been an unintentional redhead trying to dye my hair brown.. ugh it was a mess. Love how the brown turned out!!

  4. I love salons that serve wine! My hair stylist is also a friend and on week nights it's like a party in her salon! The color looks great. I recently went back to dark brown for the fall. :)