Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Since I swore off shopping for the month of February, this month's Friday Favorites will be a bit different. There will be no new purchases, however, I hope to re-discover favorites I already own.

Nail art for those of us who are challenged in the polish area

For the record: I am terrible at polishing my nails. I smudge them, chip them, break is not pretty. A year or two ago the bright, fun Sally Hansen Salon Effects advertisements in magazines caught my eye and I decided to try them! It looked great and was very easy to use but would only last three or four days before starting to peel off. Then, I discovered a trick: Use a good topcoat after applying the polish strips! Now, it will last more than a week.

They normally cost $8.99 or more, which in my opinion is a lot considering you can buy a bottle of polish for that price and use it multiple times. I watched the clearance at Target and when a bunch of boxes hit the shelves for $3, I bought two.

What isn't my favorite: Aside from the cost, they can go bad and stop sticking to your nails so use them within a month or so after you buy them. Also, the sparkly ones don't always remove easily and you might need to soak them in nail polish remover.

Comfy/Cute old jeans

In the depths of my dresser, I re-discovered these pants I bought when I was 19. I remember buying them at Macy's when they were on sale for $19.99. I liked the boot cut (not many girls were wearing skinny jeans yet) and the detail on the pockets. Lucky for me they still fit! Since they're so worn, they are very soft and comfortable.

What isn't my favorite: Doing the pants dance. (Ladies, you know what I'm talking about) Also, I hemmed them myself, since I'm so short, so the stitching is a little sketch at the bottom of the pant legs.

That's all for now!


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  3. I don't think we have the sally hansen salon effects in England - looks great though :)