Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oh, Thursday...

Today is a weird day

My nail polish is already chipping and I just applied it 36 hours ago. As I stood at a stoplight this morning waiting to cross the street to the bus stop, I saw my bus blow by three minutes early. I turned around and started trekking back up the hill to my apartment. Then I got the Seattle sweats (when you are wearing lots of layers cause it's cold but then your body heats up from activity so you get too warm) and tried to take off my scarf. My scarf got caught in my necklace but I was in too much of a hurry to untangle it so it, and no amount of tugging would fix the problem, so the scarf just dangled by a few threads from my necklace.

Despite the time I spent blow drying and straightening my hair this morning, it was a sweaty tangled mess by the time I got to my car. As I drove to work, I reached into my purse for my pocket knife with one hand, holding the scarf away from my neck with the other, driving with my knees controlling the steering wheel, opening the blade with my fingers, cutting my necklace free of those threads.

I pulled into the parking garage, ran my fingers through my hair, applied some lip gloss to encourage a smile and off I was.

There was a blue Monster waiting for me at work, thanks to a coworker who I made a deal with yesterday. I brought snacks, he brought drinks. Score.

Today is the one year anniversary of something traumatic that impacted me and many others from back home. It kicked off a scary chapter in my life that I'm still working to close. I thought I was ready to write about it but I'm not. So, if you could send some good thoughts and sunshine my way without knowing exactly why I need it, I would appreciate that very much!

Here's hoping the rest of the day improves. I can't wait to spend the afternoon making my rounds on my favorite blogs, drinking tea and watching my latest favorite show, Pretty Little Liars. :-)

What are your favorite pick me ups?


  1. Hmm I like searching for and discovering new music on Youtube, reading some of the top stories of world via Reddit, splurging on a nice meal at one of my favorite resturants, annnd naps :)

  2. Reading your blog!

    Actually, I enjoy getting on facebook and just lightly stalking people who i may have known at one time but don't anymore.

    I'm sorry to hear you are having a sad time today - I think your plan to just accept that it's a sad time and let your feelings be what they are is a good one. Oddly enough reminds me of something from south park:

    Also, I like being cozy with a cup of hot coffee and some chocolate. But I guess the monster would be a good substitute!

    1. Lol thanks Maureen! I love South Park so I especially appreciate the link. :-) Today's going much better!