Monday, March 25, 2013

A beautiful weekend

Sunshine in Seattle???

Yes! It's true! We have enjoyed a few days of glorious sunshine recently here in Seattle. It started Friday, when I captured this magical shot of the Puget Sound from one of the Seattle ferries.

My #1 love

For the first time in forever, I stood at the front of the ferry boat and let the wind mess up my hair while I enjoyed the sun in my face and the wonderful smell of the water. There's really nothing like it. Ferry boats and that fresh sea water smell were two things I missed most when I lived landlocked in California. I don't think you'll ever be able to get me away from it again.

On Saturday, my mom hosted a Mary Kay party with Independent Senior Sales Director Colleen Russell. She and my mom were in the same grade at school growing up. A handful of my mom's friends, along with one of their daughters and one of my sisters, participated in the party.

Pink lips!
The very pink lip color I wore
Normally, I go with a neutral or reddish lip color. Colleen encouraged me to try the pink pagoda lip lacquer and I really liked it! Very fresh and colorful for a great spring look.

I had so much fun with Colleen and the other ladies that I hope to host my own party soon.

Enjoy the sun!

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  1. I love pink :) it's the only color I wear on my lips lol..I'm having a giveaway and i'd love for you to enter! check it out!