Monday, March 11, 2013

In which I try to relax and fail miserably

Remember my goals?

Three girls in white (I'm in the middle) without a care in the world!

They were supposedly incredibly attainable. Read about them here: Incredibly Attainable Goals for 2013

Last night, I tried to relax using techniques someone suggested to me recently.

I was all ready for bed and was lying down with my eyes closed. I pictured a place that has good, peaceful memories. For me, it is a swing tied to a tree at my parent's lake. Growing up, it was the place I went to play, think, cry, get angry and kick trees, whittle sticks, etc.

So anyway, I'm lying in bed picturing myself swinging on the swing. I feel the roughness of the ropes in my hands and the wind in my hair, I hear the creak of the tree as I sway back and forth, I see the sun shining through the trees and I smell the fresh air. I breathe deeply.

OK, so far so good. What else? My dog. I love my dog. He can come, too. He enters my relaxation vision and I picture him wandering around, smelling things and peeing on all the trees while I swing.

But then, oh no! He wandered away through the fence to the cow pasture. There's a cow and he is bothering it. Wait, it isn't just a cow it's a bull. And it's getting mad. I know I have to get him away from it before he is trampled.

I jump off the swing, climb over the metal gate and rush to grab Tucker as the bull starts to stamp his feet and swing his horns. I throw Tucker toward the barbed-wire fence and he slides underneath the lowest string of wire without a problem. I run toward the fence and prepare to do the same.

The bull is chasing me as I prepare to drop and slither under the barbed wire. I did it as a kid a hundred times. I haven't grown since I was 14 so I should still be able to do it now, right? Wrong.

My long hair gets tangled in the barbed wire as I try to hustle underneath it to safety. The bull gets closer and closer and...


I lose. Better luck next time.

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