Thursday, January 3, 2013

Incredibly attainable goals for 2013

"Write in my diary more" is not one of them...

...because that never worked. I'd write in it twice a week for a few weeks then only update when something especially dramatic (for a middle-schooler) happened. And who wants to remember that?

My goals for this year are, to be honest, pretty easy but most of all they are fun. :-)

1. Don't say "no" to cupcakes or cookies, when offered. I will enjoy them, in moderation, because life is too short to deprive myself of sweets for no good reason.
2. Continue to blog here and take some creative risks. I have an upcoming craft project in mind!
3. Don't pay full price for clothing and accessories. There are always sales and if it isn't on sale yet, it will be soon, so I will just hold tight and think of the other sale items I can buy with the money I saved waiting for the sale in the first place.
4. Collect addresses throughout the year so I can send out Christmas cards next year.
5. Learn to relax. This is the hardest one for me but it's something I really need to do. I read an article today on the Top 10 signs of Being Stressed-Out and I have nine of them. Seriously, it is time to chill out and enjoy the smaller moments in life.
6. Focus on friendship. Make some new friends who don't know everything about me (yet) and make time for the old ones.
7. Get more into photography and work on portrait/still life shooting skills. I can photograph crime scenes, police standoffs and wild fires but I'll be darned if I can get a decent indoor photo of a family member.
8. Speaking of family members, keep in touch and try to make it back home for as many special occasions as possible.

What are your goals and resolutions for 2013?