Thursday, December 6, 2012


It's the little things.

If my outfit is boring I hope my hair isn't.

Messy fishtail braid

Tucker also has fancy hair. He got a haircut Wednesday so he looks more like a puppy and less like an ewok now.

I can see!

While out shopping Monday, I found this incredible store called Z Gallerie. It was full of beautiful, sparkly, shiny, cool things that I want very, very bad. I think my mom would also like this store and the Christmas carols playing made me feel a little homesick for her and her over-the-top holiday decorating, which I always loved as a child.

Z Gallerie. Gorgeous!

This fleur de lis + pearls necklace is very "me." I found it at Maurices while I was back in my hometown over Thanksgiving weekend. I used a very old gift card from my sister to buy it. Thanks Ruth!

I'm about 30 percent done with my 53-hour work week. At the end of it, I plan to sleep for a day and then find some high-end thrift stores. Any recommendations? I need a new purse (my Guess bag is starting to look like something chewed it up) and all the ones I like online are about $400. Yikes!


  1. That braid looks great! I've been meaning to learn how to do a fishtail. And that dog is the cutest!