Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Favorites

Left over from the holiday, these are my favorite things this week!

I asked Tim for a new blow dryer and curling iron for Christmas. We went to Target and I pointed out a few. Little did I know he would take it a step further and research the top hair tools online! He bought me a new blow dryer and two new curling irons from BaByliss, a French company, and I LOVE them! They feel like the ones at the hair salon and work just as well.

Best hair tools ever by BaByliss

While I was at my parent's house for Christmas earlier this week, I found this barrette in a drawer in my old bathroom. I remember when I got it as a child (from Claire's, I think) and how much I loved how sparkly and shiny it was. I also remember I hardly ever wore it because it just seemed too fancy for my small-town life. Now I know nothing is ever too fancy. Ever. And I brought it home with me.

My favorite sparkly barrette from when I was little!
Rita is my parent's 7-year-old Golden Retriever and she absolutely adores Tim. It's fun to watch her get so excited to see him and fawn all over him the entire time he's around. I've never seen a dog so in love and I've had to tell her that he is mine. I think she'd steal him from me if she could. Anyway, the two of them together are a favorite this week. :-)

Rita, my parent's Golden Retriever, is ridiculously in love with Tim.
Every holiday I spend with my dad's side of the family, I hope my Aunt Marcia bakes her blackberry pie for the event. This Christmas Eve, she did! And it was great like always, and like always it was my favorite.

My favorite pie ever!
Driving home, we went through a snowstorm. OK, so it wasn't a snowstorm. But I was nervous nevertheless. I AM from Northwest Washington, after all. We don't get enough snow for long enough amounts of time to really learn how to handle it.

Tim, on the other hand, was frustrated that everyone was driving 35 mph and he didn't put the truck in 4-wheel-drive until I whined incessantly. (4-wheel-drive makes it safer to drive in the snow, right?) Then after I started taking pictures and stopped paying attention to his driving, he switched it back to 2-wheel-drive. He's so sneaky.

He rolled down his window at one point and said, "I need to raise my Alaska flag so everyone will know I can handle this and they need to get out of my way."

That quote was my favorite of all, this week.

Driving through a Winter Wonderland

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