Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favorites

This week's Friday favorites!


Contigo water bottle

From Target
After cleaning out my car and finding an embarrassing number of empty plastic bottled waters, I decided I should do the right thing for the environment and just buy a decent water bottle to reuse. Ifound some sturdy Contigo bottles at Target that are spill proof, easy to carry and hold 24 ounces (with measurements labeled on the outside). I bought a green one.

Green tea

Where I work, there are a lot of drinks in the kitchen from which to choose. I don't drink soda and can only handle so much coffee, so recently I started drinking green tea. Benefits: It keeps me warm while I work in a very cold room, gives me a little boost of caffeine, and it helps curb my hunger. I tend to be a non-stop snack monster at work.

Candy Cane Joe-Joe's


These are simply THE.BEST.COOKIES. That is all. They are similar to Oreos but softer and with little pieces of real candy cane inside the creamy filling. They taste great by themselves, with milk, crushed up in vanilla ice cream, dipped in hot chocolate or any other way you can imagine. Every year, I look forward to when I can walk into Trader Joe's and buy multiple boxes to last me through the holiday season and beyond. We share them with our families, friends and coworkers. :-) Some things are just too good to keep to yourself!