Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gallery openings and a vintage necklace

We are fashionably late

Monday evening, a friend of mine had the pleasure of showcasing her art in Seattle for the first time. The gallery opening, hosted by The Vera Project next door to Key Arena, was a wonderful opportunity to see some fresh, new art and do some mingling. It was also a good opportunity to get dressed up and wear a necklace my grandma gave me from way back when.

Cute puppies make for a great accessory ;-)

Necklace is vintage from my grandmother, dress from a little store called Paisley's in Sequim, leggings from Ross
Due to the fact the GPS lady seemed to be having an off night, we were an hour late to the gallery opening. I guess the bright side to this is we got to go to many parts of the city we don't normally frequent: Wallingford, Fremont, Downtown, Georgetown... 

Fortunately, when we got where we were going, we found parking nearby and walked the short distance to the gallery, which has a great view of the Space Needle in addition to awesome bathroom graffiti.

I experienced a new first at the art gallery: Gender neutral bathrooms. It threw me off at first when I kept looking for the ladies room and couldn't find any indicators. But guess what, gender neutral bathrooms are just like any other bathroom except it's males AND females expressing themselves in the stall graffiti.

For more on Karissa D. Patterson Art click here
Karissa paints the human form with watercolors, sometimes capturing it as mirror-images
This was my favorite piece in the show.
The Vera Project art gallery
Karissa, me and Joanna 
Joanna and I taking an obligatory Space Needle photo :)
--When in Rome, right?
It was great to see Karissa and so many others I hadn't seen in quite a while. I may have even talked one long lost friend into doing my makeup for her portfolio. Fun! :-)

Well, my short but sweet weekend ends tonight so let's hope I run all the Christmas and household errands I need to in the next 16 hours and get 8 hours of sleep in somewhere too.

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  1. This is awesome! Those bathrooms confused me too. I had to do a double take as I walked out the door to make sure I wasn't really using the men's room haha. I'm so glad you guys came! And these pictures are great!